News from the Front Line

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In Your Greenhouse in Autumn

Autumn can be a busy time in a greenhouse. There’s the routine cleaning and tidying up for starters; leaving musty corners and unswept floors allows bugs and bacteria to thrive, some of which can cause no end of problems for the new seedlings you’re getting ready to sow. But, once the plant pots and seed […]

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Sue’s Story

I became a secret gardener in Feb 2016 taking on the HOG (Haslingden Old Rd Gardens) at Tup Bridge which was overgrown with brambles and nettles. It had annoyed me every day for several years as I went about my community based job & pulled up at the traffic lights daily. I’d worked with Civic […]

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Lynn’s Story

I joined Civic Pride Rossendale about four years ago slightly concerned that everyone would be gardening experts, knowing all there is to know in horticulture and wondering if I would measure up to their standards. After receiving a very warm welcome I was put to work alongside other volunteers all with different levels of experience […]

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Himalayan Balsam

Himalayan Balsam has an attractive flower, spreads very rapidly but is not a native species.  The problem is that, as it grows, it kills off all the other plants.  The good news is that it’s great fun pulling it up! Pull – roots are shallow so come out easily Shake – remove the soil from […]

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What next for CPR?

Without our generous benefactors we wouldn’t be able to buy the plants, materials and equipment.  Without the vast amounts of work done behind the scenes, it would not be the efficient organisation it is.  Without the sheer hard work of our frontline volunteers maintaining the gardens, picking litter and reporting fly tipping we would not […]

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