Our Vision

Civic pride means taking a pride in the town in which we live, in trying to make our environment a better place to live and work.

“There’s a whole different atmosphere on Bank St now thanks to you guys.” Chairman Rawtenstall Chamber of Commerce

Surrounded by beautiful countryside and with a rich industrial heritage, the towns that comprise Rossendale have vast potential to cater for tourists. Mountain bikers and walkers alike are drawn to the  surrounding hills which abound with paths, tracks and trails awaiting exploration.

For those preferring a bit of retail therapy, Rawtenstall offers a multitude of independent shops, whilst cafes and restaurants offer respite for the less enthusiastic shopper!

In these austere times Civic Pride continues to have a major part to play in maintaining a litter free and increasingly green town but there’s still much to do as we build on these foundations.

None of this would be possible without the help both in time and money given so freely by our volunteers.  However, as with any organisation we always need more so please come forward and help us in our quest for a cleaner greener place to live, work or run a business.

“It all looks so much better and it’s great for Rural Rossendale and tourism.” B&B Owner

Picking litter, cleaning road signs, weeding, sweeping up, planting, dead heading, designing, pruning, networking, raising funds, talking to local businesses, delivering leaflets, applying for grants, organising our stores…the list goes on and on.

Can you, will you become part of the team that will be remembered for taking Rossendale to the next stage? No longer a declining East Lancashire mill town but a revitalised, Pennine destination ideally placed to capitalise on the growing interest in our industrial heritage and its glorious countryside.

Please don’t decide to do something about it tomorrow. Don’t bookmark this page for future review. As we say in Civic Pride – Just Do It!

Email us NOW, leave a message on our phone NOW or make a donation NOW.

We can do it but not without YOU!



Our vision includes YOU

Call us now on 07955 110199 or email info@civic-pride.co.uk