The Transformation

For nearly 20 years Civic Pride Rossendale has been transforming Rossendale.

Rossendale is justly proud of its industrial heritage but with the loss of its manufacturing industries, the area declined and empty shops, litter strewn streets and neglected community gardens were the norm. Civic Pride Rossendale volunteers helped change all that.

365 days a year (yes, including Christmas Day) our volunteers are out there, cleaning streets, deterring dog fouling, tending gardens, balsam bashing and inspiring others. Our outreach team work tirelessly with schools, uniformed groups and other youth organisations to instil a sense of community.

Small groups and individuals across the valley have emulated our success, very often with our help and encouragement but always retaining their independence.

"…it must be a lovely place to live, where people have such pride in their area."

– An unidentified lady talking to her friend on the Manchester bus.

With approaching 20 gardens under our care, a core of brilliant volunteers and good cashflow provided by local businesses we’re preparing for new challenges. A greenhouse, bat and bird boxes are being installed and wildlife friendly planting is underway.

Recognised and appreciated by the local council, our influence over other critical areas such as flyposting, road sweeping and mowing is invaluable.

The net result is that businesses are attracted to a now thriving town. New homeowners are moving in and joining us in our quest to make Rossendale a destination town.

"I’ve worked for several councils and with many organisations but I’ve never seen anything quite like Civic Pride. The sheer scale of what they achieve is staggering."

– Rossendale Borough Council Operations Manager