Lynn’s Story

I joined Civic Pride Rossendale about four years ago slightly concerned that everyone would be gardening experts, knowing all there is to know in horticulture and wondering if I would measure up to their standards. After receiving a very warm welcome I was put to work alongside other volunteers all with different levels of experience which was a comfort and I soon discovered the true meaning of Civic Pride.

The common theme was not the level of gardening experience it simply was making our community a better place to live.

I had often driven slowly passed the embankment and admired its beauty but when I joined, I discovered and appreciated all the other lovely gardens CPR so lovingly cared for much more fully.

As time went on the passion of other volunteers certainly rubbed off on me and I very quickly came to share in their enthusiasm. Each time we visit one of our gardens we make a difference and that makes us proud to be a volunteer of CPR. I now view all our gardens with different eyes and I am absolutely certain that without CPR volunteers in whatever capacity, we would be living in a very different environment. Added to which and equally as important we share friendship with like minded people. We are a diverse group which only adds to the charm and the warmth of our organisation but underpinning all of that is our sense of Civic Pride.