Q. Can I be a volunteer with Civic Pride Rossendale?

A. Yes, and it is a simple process. Send an email to [email protected] giving your name, address and telephone number and we will get back to you with lots of information. It costs nothing to become a volunteer, so do it today!

Q. Are you part of Rossendale Borough Council (RBC)?

A. No, we are an independent charity.

Q. Do Rossendale Borough Council support you in any way?

A. Yes, we work closely with RBC and they give us all sorts of help. We have the permission of RBC to maintain some of their public gardens and spaces.

Q. I want to pick litter but don’t know where to start. Can you help me?

A. Yes, become a Civic Pride volunteer and we will set you up with a litter picker, hi-vis vest and bags. Being a volunteer you will be covered by our Third Party Insurance.

Q. I want to help with gardening. Do I need experience?

A. No, very few of us actually know what we’re doing; it’s more fun that way! We learn together as we renovate and maintain the gardens.

Q. I don’t want to pick litter or do gardening? What else is there?

A. Civic Pride has a greenhouse and we are always in need of people to water the plants. Or you might be able to help us with maintenance jobs, joinery, sweeping up, painting railings, fund raising.

Q. I used to work with children. Can I help in any way?

A. Yes – we are often asked to go into schools to talk about litter and the environment.

Q. I don’t have much time. Is it worth volunteering?

A. Yes, even an hour a month makes a difference. It is entirely up to our volunteers how much time they spend on Civic Pride activities.

Q. Are you part of a political group?

A. No, we’re totally apolitcal.

Q. So how do I join in?

A. Contact us direct or say hello to a volunteer and offer to help!

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