The Greenhouse


In 2018 the idea of Civic Pride Rossendale having its own greenhouse had been around for a few years. By this time, we were maintaining an increasing number of gardens and spending more and more money on plants. It would be good to grow our own plants – it would be cheaper – but also be a new area of work for our volunteers.

We had found a place where we could erect a greenhouse – a piece of council land behind the market. It would need quite a bit of work to make it suitable for a greenhouse but the space was large enough, south facing and had a high fence round it. Very importantly, the council were not using the land and were prepared to let us use it for a greenhouse, subject to planning permission.

So, we just needed planning permission and some money. Some money was obtained through grants from Lancashire County Council, Rossendale Borough Council and Skelton Bounty Trust Fund. Also, individuals donated money through a JustGiving fundraising campaign. Rossendale Borough Council granted the planning permission so we were good to go.

There was a lot of work to do. Traces of an old building were removed and rubble cleared. Contractors were brought in to create a concrete base, erect the greenhouse and lay decking to create a level surrounding surface. Finally, modifications to the gate were made to allow it to open inwards.

This took us to the spring of 2020 and we were now ready to start planting seeds. Unfortunately, the Covid lockdowns in 2020 meant that we had to put all these plans on hold and it wasn’t till 2022 that we really got going.

The greenhouse has been a big success. It has enabled us to grow plants from seed and also to buy small plug plants and bring them on. This has been particularly important as we move to filling our gardens with perennials rather than annuals.

We are always in need of more people to work in the greenhouse. Work in the greenhouse continues all year. In the autumn and winter our volunteers pot up bedding plants for the barrier baskets, prepare plants for overwintering, clean the greenhouse and equipment, and plan the following seasons crops. In the spring and summer, plug plants are brought on, seeds planted, softwood cuttings taken and very importantly, even in Rossendale, we need to water the plants every day in the summer months.

If you would like to be one of our very important greenhouse volunteers please get in touch.

No experience needed!