Leave a Gift in Your Will

We work tirelessly to improve the quality of life for all who live, work in or visit Rossendale.

  • We clear litter leaving the streets clean
  • We create and maintain gardens for the benefit of all
  • We encourage wildlife by creating wild areas, free of invasive species like Himalayan Balsam

We love doing what we do and new volunteers are joining us on a regular basis. With our volunteers help, our future is secure but the cost of plants, materials and equipment is increasing all the time. Will you help us?

Will you help us?

By leaving a gift in your will you’ll be helping to ensure that…

  • As Spring approaches, bulbs burst into life brightening many a dark day
  • Wildlife has a home; be it a bird, a hedgehog or a bat
  • Reduce the risk of plastic litter entering our rivers and adding to marine pollution

We’re respected for what we do

Every pound you donate will be put to good use…

  • We have no paid staff, our work is done by volunteers
  • We only use contractors when it’s essential
  • Our accounts are transparent and available for inspection by anyone

Your wishes matter

A professionally written, up to date will, ensures that your wishes apply…

  • Your loved ones come first
  • Your chosen charities benefit
  • Your other wishes are known

It’s so simple

Talk to your solicitor today, you may be surprised at how little it costs…

  • Most of us only need a straightforward will
  • If you already have a will, a simple codicil can easily be added
  • Even a small amount will improve the environment for future generations

If you have any questions you can call us on 07955 110199 or email [email protected].

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