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More Blooming Marvellous in 2022

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Biodiversity is the variety of life on earth. This includes all species of plants and animals and all the natural systems that support them, the ecosystems. Biodiversity forms the living landscape around us and is essential to our survival. An environment rich in biodiversity will perform well in respect to other measures of environmental quality such as air and water qualities, and provide healthy and attractive environments for people to live in.

So, biodiversity is pretty important and is something we have heard increasingly more of in recent years. With this in mind, Civic Pride Rossendale would like to improve the biodiversity of the ecosystems in the Rossendale urban environment. But that doesn't trip off the tongue, so we are calling it Rewilding Rossendale.

Civic Pride Rossendale already maintains over 20 public spaces and gardens in Rossendale so this seems like the best place to start to do what we can, however much or little, in those gardens to increase the variety of wildlife. The money we get will be spent on wildflower seeds, bird and bat boxes, bird baths, woodland plants, native plants, perennials, peat free compost, insect hotels and hedgehog houses.

The work will be carried out by the Civic Pride Rossendale volunteers in the public spaces and gardens that they maintain in Rawtenstall, Waterfoot and Crawshawbooth. What they do in each garden will depend on the type of garden it is and its location. But in every garden we hope to attract more wildlife making all of them more colourful and interesting places for the public to visit, explore and enjoy.

Civic Pride Rossendale has no paid employees and no statutory funding. Our plants, our equipment even our running costs are paid for by our supporters.

It is often said that a gift is something that is enjoyed twice. Once by the giver who has the pleasure of giving it and then by the person who receives it. A gift to Civic Pride Rossendale will be enjoyed by thousands.

Can you help us?

The cups of tea and biscuits so kindly given, lift our spirits as we recognise them as a genuine thank you for the work we do. Even the smallest financial donation helps cover our costs. Grants and larger gifts enable us to undertake larger projects. All for the benefit of our community.

A lady recently donated £70 after asking her friends to donate money for a big birthday, a local businessman raised £1,500 by holding a charity event to celebrate 50 years in business whilst an ex-pat donated even more after a brief visit to his hometown.

Everyone of them did so because they wanted to help with the transformation of Rossendale.

Will you help us?


  • A single donation no matter how much or how little
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We have no paid employees, so every penny benefits the community. Can you help?  Will you help?  Please.

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If you have any questions you can call us on 07955 110199 or email info@civic-pride.org.uk.

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We couldn’t do what we do without help from our willing volunteers and funding from grants, donations and generous benefactors.

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