Sue’s Story

I became a secret gardener in Feb 2016 taking on the HOG (Haslingden Old Rd Gardens) at Tup Bridge which was overgrown with brambles and nettles. It had annoyed me every day for several years as I went about my community based job & pulled up at the traffic lights daily.

I’d worked with Civic Pride for a couple of years litter picking & group gardening but couldn’t always make the days & times.  Someone came up with the idea of Secret Gardening and that sparked my interest as I could then garden whenever it suited me.

I asked if I could take on the HOG & had help from Simon and his friend to clear the front of brambles back to a tall hedge.
I had a vision of what it should look like but no idea I would do what I have and enjoy it so much.
I have a year long interest.
I can be as social or as solitary as I like.
I’ve made lots of new friends from all walks of life with a common interest.
I get to talk to lots of lovely people as they walk by.
It’s good for my mental health and helped me through difficult times and loss.
There are people to ask for help at any stage.
My gardening knowledge has increased from zero.
I got an invite to the set up day at Tatton Park last year – a privilege and so thrilling to be there without the crowds.
It’s been lovely having a pint on a Friday night with a very interesting, lovely & fun group of people – hope that can happen again soon.