At the rear of Rawtenstall market car park was a small, derelict area which did nothing to improve the area. Already fenced in but with access from the side it had the remains of an earlier structure but importantly, it also faced South.  Our idea was to erect a greenhouse but as it wasn’t for dmestic use, planning permission was required.

The idea of our own greenhouse had been around for some time, not just to grow our own plants but to give volunteers, old and new, an opportunity to be involved when the heavy work was too much.

Traces of the original building were removed, planning permission finally given and funding via a grant and a Just Giving campaign put in place. Contractors were brought in to create a concrete base, erect the greenhouse and lay decking to create a level surrounding surface.  Finally, modifications to the gate were made to allow it to open inwards.

We’re recruiting volunteers so if you (or your mum and dad) would like to help, we’d love to hear from you. We anticipate it will give people company, a new interest and an opportunity to help in making Rossendale greener place to live and work.

Our vision is for this to be a place for volunteers to meet, chat, get involved and grow plants for use across Rossendale.

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