Dog Fouling

We recognise that the majority of dog owners are responsible citizens who understand the revulsion of other members of the public when dog poo has not been removed from a public place.

Some years ago, our Dog Poo Czar (the man with the bright yellow shoes!) started stencilling ‘Bag It, Bin It’ signs on hard surfaces in badly affected areas.  The paint wears off after a few weeks but the improvement was immediate, if only temporary.

The reason is possibly simple; if an irresponsible dog owner has walked that way with their beloved pooch in the morning they’ll be looking carefully to see where they put their feet in the evening!  The bright yellow sign appears to prompt them into action and the faeces are removed.

Then of course are the ones who carefully bag it and throw the bag into hedge, gutter or anywhere other than a litter bin.  Unbelievable but true.

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