Haslingden Road Garden

Haslingden Road is a busy entry point into Rawtenstall and with the massive structure that is St Mary’s Chambers, it should also be very impressive.

After many of the original buildings were demolished in the 1970s and the new gyratory or roundabout, together with St Mary’s Way were created, a long garden was planted but as with so many grand ideas, it fell into neglect.


Bringing defunct gardens back to life is a speciality of Civic Pride Rossendale but the sheer scale of this project was far beyond even the most optimistic volunteer.  Something had to be done.

In 2016 we were lucky enough to gather enough local support to win First Prize in a competition organised by a local supermarket.  £10,000 enabled us to bring in contractors to turn a neglected, weed infested and litter strewn mess into not just an attractive garden but as a frontage worthy of the architecture behind.

In August 2020 (post Covid) we rescued the garden from the weeds with 3 weeks of intensive gardening using 92 hours of volunteer time and planting over 30 new perennials for further colour next year.

Regular maintenance is a major issue but by allocating some of our Thursday morning crew to its upkeep we just about manage to compete with the forces of nature and its attendant weeds.  Adding more year-round interest and colour by planting more bulbs and perennials is a priority.

Hello, welcome to Rawtenstall, the home of Civic Pride Rossendale!  This is the message we want to portray as people drive through the town.

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