Haslingden Old Road

Drivers and passengers waiting at the traffic lights on Newchurch Road looked directly across Burnley Road to a neglected patch of scrubland.  It was almost a blessing when banners were attached to the railings, partially obscuring the mass of brambles!


This is a busy corner, not just for motorists but for pedestrians of all ages and denominations.  The potential of such an important location was being wasted, as was the opportunity to interact with passers-by.

One woman’s imagination, hard work and determination were responsible for the creation of this delightful garden.  Adjacent, are two small paved areas with seating.  Installed by the council some years ago, the shrubbery has been neatly trimmed, damaged steps repaired and planting undertaken by other volunteers.  However, without the vision of this lady, none of this would have happened.

To provide a safer working area, a wooden handrail has been installed between the garden and the river below.  Most of the planting has been donated by locals which makes this garden a fine example of what can be achieved on a very small budget (less than £50 a year).  The area continues to attract bees and other wildlife.

The seating areas is being redeveloped, improving the visibility of the garden by removing much of the shrubbery.

We want all who pass by to appreciate the oasis of colour and maybe sit, relax and enjoy the beauty of this most colourful of gardens.

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