St Mary’s Way – Embankment

An unmown, uncared for grassy bank which did little to divert the eyes of passers-by away from the large white, metal box across the road, ASDA.  We wanted to provide colour and interest and turn this uninteresting, some would say boring embankment, into something to be marvelled at, appreciated and proud of.


Texture is provided by beech, hornbeam, acer, bamboo, euonymus and virginia creeper.  It’s one long statement garden.  One end is in full sun all the time, the other is shaded by trees.  Colour is provided throughout the year by using helebores, euphorbia, dicentra, geum, sedum, phlox, hypericum, crocosmia and hydrangea.

Weed suppressing membrane has been removed as it was becoming visible in places.  Bark chippings replaced it as they are more environmentally friendly.  Rudbeckia goldstrum, asters and astrantia plus more phlox for colour.  Heuchera, campanula, geranium and aquilegia have been added. This is seen as a haven for bees.

Besides being a keen gardener (as can be seen from the mass of unrecognisable plant names, Ed.) the lady who designed this garden has a reputation for thinking big!  Watch out for masses of bulbs early in the year as they welcome the new Spring.  Yes, we mean huge numbers!

Already one of the most talked about gardens in the town, verbally and on social media, we’re now taking it to take it to the next level.

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