Beech Tree Corner

In 2011 we entered Britain in Bloom for the first time and in an attempt to brighten up the large paved area beneath the magnificent beech tree on the corner of Newchurch Road and St Mary’s Way, two large planters were installed.  The plants survived but over the years they became tired, leaves collected and weeds grew.

One of our longest serving volunteers decided that enough was enough and set about making it a very visible and attractive floral display to brighten what can become a rather gloomy area due to the shady conditions.

Stripped of their existing plants, spring bulbs were removed from the planters and stored ready for the next winter.  Several small shrubs including box and ivy, were distributed around other CPR gardens.

The planters (the wooden ones, not the volunteers) were covered in a thick layer of dust but scrubbing, sanding and three coats of wood preservative restored them to their original splendour.  Once soil and compost had been added, we were ready to roll.

Planting was carefully chosen to ensure a pleasant balance of colour, height and texture whilst the wall behind was painted with cream stone paint, all helping to turn a heavily shaded spot into an attractive focal point.

At the base of the beech tree the surface roots and lack of soil, limit planting to London Pride and a few sedums but consideration is being given to building a low wall to create a small, interesting garden.

Travelling South from Burnley, this garden is the first on the corridor of colour created by Civic Pride all the way onto the spur road laybys.  We want to make this an even grander starting point!

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