Calling on local businesses to ask if they were prepared to have a bracket mounted outside their premises with a hanging basket supplied by Civic Pride was just one of the myriad of unrecognised backroom tasks undertaken by our volunteers.


To provide a fusion of colour across areas of the town which would otherwise rely on shop windows and passing cars to brighten them up, we’ve installed both barrier and hanging baskets bursting with colour!


There’s no doubt that the 34 barrier and 15 hanging baskets placed in various locations have achieved our goal of a more colourful town centre..  Re-filled twice a year, summer and winter planting brings cheer to many on a wet, miserable Rossendale day or on the less common sunny, warm glorious ones!

It’s unlikely that the numbers will increase, firstly because restocking them twice a year is expensive and secondly because even with built-in reservoirs, they require regular watering.  One of the issues is that the mass of foliage diverts the rain away from the compost, thereby making additional watering essential.

The best locations for these beautiful containers is regularly reviewed and changes made and if we can maintain them at their current levels in the years to come, then they will have fulfilled their purpose.

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