CPR Wittering On …..

What-ho all ye windswept CPR folks,

First, an appeal from Aunty Lynn. Please let her know if you’re going to CPR’s AGM (Tues 18th Feb 6.30pm start, R’stall Cricket Club) – she needs approx numbers so she can get the FREE BUFFET organised! A quick yes/no, please, to [email protected] Thank you!
Here followeth your essential dates guidance ….
Tues 11th Feb NB no organised Crawshawbooth session today but their assembled litterpickers will be out there during the week.
Thurs 13th 10am the Thursday Crew please attend ye at the inbound layby on the bypass (near McDonalds) where we’ll have a little something for volunteers of all tastes and preferences. (ALL?? Really?? Turn up to find out!).
Friday 14th The intent is to eschew the CPR Friday night gathering in favour, each in your own way, of the Celebration of The Day Of St Valentine. We may resume the collective playing-out next week (does that make any sense at all? Ring yer Uncle Chris if it doesn’t …)
It’s The Weekend! Sat & Sun are favourites for CPR’s litterpickin’ troops to do their thing. By the time Ciara’s finished wafting through Rossendale, casually hurling rubbish-bins about in her wake there’ll be rather a task awaiting us all!
Mon 17th 9.30 The TMG crew please foregather at Tricketts, Burnley Rd East, for the next episode of garden-renovation.
Tues 18th Crawshawbooth Crew assemble 9am in Jubilee Gardens to resume normal service. Tell your neighbours!
Tues 18th 6.15 for 6.30 start. Yes I know you know but – please support CPR’s AGM (see above!). It really is the opportunity for all our volunteers to get involved with CPR’s decision-making process. Lynn has already sent out all relevant documentation so you know what’s happening, what’s going on and decisions we have to make …. elect new officers, some rule changes and decide on our Annual Development Plan. The ADP will include do we/do we not enter RHS Britain in Bloom comp again this year? If we go for it we’ve GOT to have our many Gardeners with us. What d’you reckon??
Weds 19th 3pm ’til 6pm A Masterplan’s being created to revive Edgeside Park. There’s a public consultation at The Boo in Waterfoot. Locals invited to pop in at any point. For us, the scheme HAS to consider the long-term maintenance of whatever improvements are made. What d’you reckon??

Have you heard …?? No we ain’t organising it but the vital climate conference in Glasgow later this year should be interesting with a debate between Trump and Greta Thunberg. It’s being billed as “Shouty Child Meets Greta….” (with apologies to Mr Trump’s supporters everywhere …)


P.S. Thanks to Grimmers for last week’s marvellously succinct Witterings, correct in every detail as ever, including CPR needs a new Chair. How’re you fixed??