What next for CPR?

Without our generous benefactors we wouldn’t be able to buy the plants, materials and equipment.  Without the vast amounts of work done behind the scenes, it would not be the efficient organisation it is.  Without the sheer hard work of our frontline volunteers maintaining the gardens, picking litter and reporting fly tipping we would not have the clean, colourful town and villages that we now have.

At the AGM on Tuesday 19th February 2020 there was a majority vote to enter Rawtenstall in the Britain in Bloom competition this year.  This is no easy task, it needs every single one of our volunteers to roll up their sleeves and help. It needs Rossendale Borough Council to assist with the street furniture, removing the litter we collect and supporting us in a hundred different ways.

The gardens only account for 40% of the marks. Community involvement and care of the environment account for the other 60%, so there’s something for everyone!  Will you join us?  Will you help our town win another award?  Can you just give us an hour a week?

Just imagine as the judges walk through the town, admiring what’s been achieved.  You planted those beautiful flowering plants, your group made the bird and bat boxes and your partner helped clear the litter.

More details will follow soon but for now, please just keep repeating the mantra; ‘With my help CPR can win gold’, over and over but particularly as you head off to bed with your cocoa!