An Almost Surreal Wittering!

Hello fellow volunteers

The situation is changing daily, which makes it extremely difficult to plan more that a few hours ahead! However, please rest assured that the CPR Trustees and Exec Team are working hard behind the scenes with three fundamental goals:

1. To keep our volunteers safe
2. To ensure that our volunteers feel safe
3. To make it clear to the general public that these are our priorities
NW in Bloom which we had hoped to enter this year has been cancelled. Our secondary goal therefore is to ensure that as we emerge from this, we are in a position to return the gardens to a first class condition in order that we can enter NW in Bloom at the next opportunity.

Currently there seem to be no restrictions on Lone Rangers or Secret Gardeners continuing with their amazing work but only if they feel comfortable doing so but please post it on QT. Remember, there’s no stigma in staying at home.

It’s possible that our income will reduce and so please don’t spend any money on plants, equipment etc without discussing with a member of the Exec first. There are lots of plants on order from RBC so as soon as we know when they’re available we’ll be in touch.

With regards to group working we ask you all to protect the good name of CPR by not working more than 2/3 to a garden (regardless of how big it is) and keeping at least 2m apart. Details of Thursday group work for this week will be emailed on Wednesday.

Crawshawbooth are working as Secret Gardeners and Lone Rangers whilst TMG will be restricting themselves to the usual three who will be very spread out.

Please ensure that you follow all the Government guidelines at all times.

Back to you soon no doubt, in the meantime, stay safe.


Roger G