A Warm Welcoming Wittering

We’re back!  First of all a big welcome to the 6, yes six new Lone Ranger litter pickers who’ve joined us since lockdown was eased last Wednesday.  To those fabulous volunteers who’ve returned after an enforced sabbatical, thank you, there’s just so much to do!

We’ve updated the Health & Safety Policy to include the current government warning so please download, read and comply.  End of lecture.

Now, down to work.  Our hardworking Gardens Officer, Anne is looking for volunteers to help out on some of our community gardens.  In normal times this would be carried out by the Thursday crew but these aren’t normal times (have you noticed?)!  It simply involves weeding and tidying a particular garden, working on your own or with a buddy gardener (observing social distancing guidelines of course) and using your own tools (a temporary measure for H&S reasons).

It only need involve a few hours a week.  We’re not aiming to get the gardens up to Chelsea standard (yet); just to keep the weeds down, and give the garden a bit of TLC.  Anne can advise or even meet you at the garden to give you some directions if required.  If you’re interested, then please contact her on [email protected] for a quick chat.

Thanks to all the Secret Gardeners who have contacted her to let her know their plans.  Whether or not you’re returning in the forseeable future, please let her know so that we can provide cover as necessary.

The Peaceful Plot which last year received so many volunteer hours as we attempted to rid it of the dreaded Himalayan Balsam worked well but some seedlings are returning.  If you’d like to help, it’s at the top right hand side of the cemetery.  Please reply to this email if you’d like directions.  It’s dead easy to uproot HB, – pull, shake and and break (the stem).  It’s that simple!

If you do any gardening, litter picking or HB bashing for CPR, then please post the details on QT.  Don’t be shy, this isn’t to say ‘look at what I’ve done’, it’s to help us with funding, planning and support.

Before we close, we have some dahlias, free to a good community home, just email Anne please.  Helen will be writing her Find Yourself in a Garden column again this week (if she can find time between deadheading 3000 daffodils on the embankment!) and don’t forget, we’re still looking to showcase your garden in our It’s Your Garden feature.

I’m going now.

Stay safe.