A Tell Us What You Think Witter

Dear Civic Pride,

Thanks to all our regular gardeners this week; things are coming along splendidly in the community gardens and there have been lots of positive comments from local people up and down the Valley. Lockdown in March really forced us backwards during the busiest time in the horticultural calendar, and the amount of progress in terms of weeding, pruning and planting over more recent weeks has been amazing.

Meanwhile, the amount of litter dropped in Rossendale is a current cause for concern. Our Litter Pickers have gathered heaps of general rubbish and other rather random items (wagon wheels, boxes of rotten cabbages) and reported more fly tipping of larger household items and builders’ waste.

Some council street bins need emptying with bags of rubbish lying alongside, so CPR contacted Rossendale Borough Council: [email protected] is on the case. Thank you for all your continuing efforts and the pride you have in your local area!


Plans for the coming week:-
This week you will find a short survey along with the WW. We would like your feedback about our weekly newsletter, and how we can improve the information we send out each Sunday. Please do take a few moments to complete the questionnaire.Thank you.

The team for Civic Pride Crawshawbooth are solo litter picking/gardening during the coming week. Contact [email protected] if you would like more information.

Waterfoot. Trickett’s Memorial Ground
Monday 24th August9:30 until Noon.
Happy gardening with the regular TMG crew. There’s some exciting development planned around this beautiful garden….find out more in next week’s WW.

Rawtenstall. Haslingden Road Gardens, (outside St.Mary’s Chambers)
Tuesday 25th August – 10am until Noon
Thursday 27th August – 10am until Noon
Sun 30th August – 10am until Noon.

The final opportunity to work on this garden for a while, as we will have to move on to pastures new. We have more weeds to clear, more shrubs in need of pruning, more areas of paving in need of weed clearing, plus some new plants in need of bedding in. All help is very welcome and would be greatly appreciated in helping to maintain this huge garden. Please note that to volunteer with us you don’t need to be an expert gardener (as guidance will be given)…..if you’d rather push a brush about, that would be just as fantastic!! [email protected]

Peaceful Plot @ Rawtenstall Cemetery
Tuesday 25th August – 9:30 until Noon
More nature conservation as Moira and volunteers clear the last of the Balsam and brambles. [email protected]

Don’t forget to look at our website where we have a new Just Giving campaign. We need help with our fundraising as we strive to keep Rossendale looking as beautiful as everyone deserves. The comments that come along with the donations should make you feel rightly proud of volunteering with us.

Helen Thomas
Vice Chair, Civic Pride Rossendale

View from the Back Room
Searching through the archives for inspiration for this week’s ‘View from the Back Room’ I came across this letter sent to the Rossendale Free Press in 2016.

‘Young people come in for a lot of criticism so it’s nice to relate this story. A Civic Pride litter picker was working hard to clear the streets of Rawtenstall of litter (yet again). A schoolgirl in her early teens, wearing school uniform stopped to offer her thanks. She then reached into her bag, withdrew a chocolate bar and gave it to our litter picker. ‘You need the energy more than I do,’ was her simple comment and off she went! Whoever you are, if you read this, thank you, you are a credit to your parents and to your school.’

I wonder if she remembers. I’m sure our Lone Ranger does.

Roger G