A Rather Confused Witter

Confusion seems to be the general feeling after Sunday’s announcement from the PM about the lockdown!  The CPR Exec had a pre-arranged Zoom meeting this morning to discuss our next move but we feel there are too many mixed messages and so we’re meeting again on Wednesday morning when we hope things will be a little clearer.   In the meantime I’m afraid we’re still closed for business.

On a more cheerful note, thank you to all our sponsors who have continued to support us in these strange, strange times.  We can’t spend the all money at the moment but the longer this goes on, the more we’ll need it when we finally return…and return we will!  Thank you one and all.

The sense of community seems to grow stronger week by week and I’m sure we’ve all heard some heart warming stories, so here’s another.   Jane Boys will finish her tenure at Rawtenstall market at the end of May and has been in touch to say that the social enterprise that she’s been running would like to donate £1000 between the various Pride groups.  This is in addition to the many donations they’ve already made to other individuals and groups.  Thanks Jane, you’re a star!

Talking of generous local businesses, Mike and Amanda of Casked on Bury Road (who host our registered office) used to donate all their tips to CPR but of course they were forced to close during the lockdown.  In true entreprenurial spirit they set up caskedonline.co.uk, offering home delivery of cask ales and other delights.  They open at 6pm on a Saturday and close when they’ve sold out, so make a note in your diary to beat the rush!

You may then want to sit and relax in your own little haven of peace and tranquility, your garden and we’d love to see what you’ve done.  We’ve now got nine private gardens on our website but we’d like more so why not share yours?  We don’t publish addresses or even names so your retreat from a mad world will not be disturbed by others, not even if they’re socially distanced!

Helen will be publishing her weekly gardening page on the website during the week and we’ll send a Witter Supplementary on Wednesday so back to you soon.

Stay safe.