Please control your excitement but it’s nearly time for the AGM!  A quick grovel from me before we start because it’s on 8th February not 9th as stated in the last newsletter.  Sorry!

There’s so much to tell you as Civic Pride keeps striding on clearing litter and maintaining gardens as it goes.  In no particular order and forgive me (again) if I’ve missed anything.  If you have some interesting news, please email me.  roger@civic-pride.org.uk

Last time we outlined the new roles we’ve created to ease the workload but I didn’t mention Sue Reah-Davies who has offered to look after the new stores.  This includes getting the gear ready for the working sessions, labelling, organising, recording and checking so many thanks Sue!  Talking of the stores, the move has now been completed to our new premises garage #2 behind the market. Van Handover-6-Edit low res

It’s rather fortuitous that it’s a garage because Chris and Hazel recently attended a local Business Leaders meeting instigated by RBC to present our case for sponsorship to some of the larger employers in the valley. Hazel is now arranging follow up meetings but an immediate response came from Bob Killelea of Killelea Steels who in addition to making a monthly payment, has donated a van to assist with moving kit for the working parties, even more necessary now that the store is so far away from many of our gardens.  Chris immediately took it on a test drive – he’s not stopped talking about the orange flashing light since!

More news on sponsorship next time.

You may recall that we organised a mass litterpick on 2nd January and welcome to our new volunteers who met on James Street car park in Rawtenstall on the Monday Bank Holiday.  Meanwhile the Haslingden group were hard at it and collected an awful lot of litter –  wrappings, cans, bottles, cigarette ends, used nappies etc!  Delightful.

Sticking with litter for a moment we’re planning a big litterpick on 25th February and then on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th March we’re planning to take part in the Keep Britain Tidy campaign.  More details nearer the time via our very own weekly addition to the long history of fine English literature – the Weekly Witterings!  Did you see the recent letter in The Free Press highlighting how one of our volunteers found a phone, traced the owner and received a £20 reward for his efforts – since donated to Civic Pride!

In the middle of the month RBC arranged traffic management to clear Grane Road of huge amounts of litter and even a dead deer!  It took two and a half days and looked lovely until some clown threw a newspaper across the verge on the same day as it was cleared.  However, our thanks to the team who carry out this operation twice a year.

Moving on to gardening, have you looked closely at the banking on St Mary’s Way recently?  I’m assured that it’s been planted to provide colour every month of the year and this month it’s hellebores although you may need to look carefully as the plants are still young and small.

Obviously, there’s a limit to what can be done in the gardens at this time of year but our Thursday morning sessions are still popular and our Secret Gardeners are getting them ready for Spring.

Goodshaw Pride have now virtually completed their garden which we helped them to get started.  They obtained a grant from RBC and did all the hard work and judging by their recent comments, are really proud of what they’ve achieved.  Justifiably.  Well done to the team.

Do you know of someone who’d like to start a gardening project but are unsure how to start? Maybe you know someone who loves gardening but haven’t one of their own.  In either case we’d like to hear from them.

Bacup Pride and Weir Pride are active as ever and putting on extra sessions which is always good to hear.  We’d like to have more news from you for the next newsletter please guys!

Finally, another date for your diary.  Monday 20th March Robert MacDonald will be entertaining an audience at Edenfield Community Centre with a talk about the Scottish Munros.  A Munro is a mountain over 3000 feet in height – all 282 of them.  It’s the ambition of many walkers to ‘bag’ every one but Robert has climbed them more than once!  Come to the talk and find out for yourself what he’s achieved.  You may be surprised but then again as the photograph shows, he’s not a man to take it easy!

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Bags of Litter Collected from Rossendale streets in 2016
Pieces of litter collected from Rossendale streets in 2016
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