Whitewell Bottom

This is the latest new group to be formed and it’s gaining momentum at an amazing speed thanks to the sheer enthusiasm and hard work of Norman and Elaine McLaren.  Norman had  been picking litter independently for about ten years but they joined a Civic Pride mass litter pick in Rawtenstall and haven’t looked back since!

As you enter Whitewell Bottom from Waterfoot, along Burnley Road East there’s a large bank on the right, opposite a new housing development.  Each year the entire area is covered with Himalayan Balsam and the plan is to remove it all as soon as it grows to about 50 cm.  This is an enormous task but 100 letters are being distributed to local residents and the response has been nothing short of amazing!

This video was filmed in March 2017 and shows the masses of young weeds which have recently germinated.

In Norman’s own words ‘By getting rid of this weed, other wild plant life will have a great chance to grow and flourish and the entrance into Whitewell Bottom will be enhanced with a multitude of colourful plants.’

If you’d like to help please TEXT Norman direct (hearing impaired) to 07703 067350.  He will return your text and try to answer any of your queries.  Alternatively please use the details at the foot of the page.