Gone are the days when it was possible to walk up Burnley Road from Newchurch Road to the Craven Heifer and pick up 3 bags of litter on a regular basis!  When sights like these were commonplace!

It appears that Prince Charles was warning of the dangers of plastic waste as far back as the 1970’s and brought his children up to remove litter so if you come and join us you’ll be following in the footsteps of the Royal Family!

Litter picking is not a skilled operation and so with the correct equipment and guidelines on Health & Safety in place, it’s something that most people can be involved with.

The satisfaction in filling a bag ‘full to bursting’ and being thanked by members of the public as you’re doing it is both motivating and worthwhile – even addictive!

Fly tipping has received much attention in the media of late (deservedly so) but RBC’s response time over the last few months has improved dramatically.

Hopefully the council have plans afoot to increase the detection rate of this anti-social behaviour and levy a few hefty fines as a deterrent.  Time will tell.

“It has also been demonstrated that areas that are already littered experience a five-fold increase in littering, compared to ‘clean’ areas.” Keep Britain Tidy. A Little Book of Litter.

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