Weekly Litter Witter

Dear Civic Pride,

I do hope you are all in good health.

This week I am posing a question or two….

The Covid-19 lockdown remains firmly in place for the foreseeable future and Civic Pride’s gardens are still looking thankfully glorious. Fingers crossed they will carry on blooming, raising our collective spirits, and we shall learn to live with the odd weed or three, or possibly more (Don’t worry, Secret Gardeners…We will all muck in and sort it out post-pandemic). In the great scheme of things, a garden may be seen as a luxury or indulgence, but in difficult times so much solace can be found in beauty.

As volunteers we are used to being busy and involved, and it’s come as a bit of a surprise to have spare time on my hands. The CPR back office volunteers continue (in a virtual sense) to talk, share ideas and plan, but with outdoor activities on hold, we are looking to find new ways of local community support and engagement.

This week the subject of litter appeared…. Here come the questions….. Have you noticed an increase? Without our Lone Rangers, there is a Civic Pride shaped hole in the natural order of Rossendale! Does this indicate that as an environmental charity we still have ongoing work to do in changing some attitudes to littering, fly tipping or dog fouling? Can we aspire to permanently solve this problem?

For years Civic Pride has run a very successful educational outreach programme aimed at children and young people. We are currently looking for new volunteers to join this group and plan to expand our anti-litter, pro-environment message. Could this be you?

We welcome each and every contribution or idea. Let’s use this opportunity to reflect on CPR’s core values of a cleaner, greener place to live and work, so that when the lockdown finally recedes Civic Pride will return to full speed and more besides.

As ever, let me know what you think; it’s your Civic Pride. Don’t forget you can contact us via our regularly updated website, including ‘Find Yourself in a Garden’ plus there is QuickTopic (check out Keith’s Hedgehog house) and we are busy on Facebook and Instagram.

Helen Thomas
Vice Chair CPR


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