Turn Village Residents’ Association has reformed after years of inactivity and now has an active social network page, its a closed site, for residents to keep up to date with life to life activities, alert one another to suspicious activities and focus on keeping our environment in good shape. Residents are very proud of their environment and frequently post photos on this site. But as the site is not available to others the photos wouldn’t necessarily be viewed by a wider audience. And this is where another project has been dreamed up; Turn Village Residents Association has re-purposed their old bus shelter into an art gallery.
The “Shelter Gallery” is the venue to showcase images of Turn’s past and also the talent of current resident photographers. Archived photos of the previous Associations activities are on show for all to see. And Turn Village also proves to be a hotbed of talent with our younger artists creating superb masterpieces which also are displayed in the gallery. More images will be added and updated seasonally to keep the display fresh and vibrant.
The history of the Hoyle brothers who fought and died in the Great War is currently being researched and once complete, this too will be on display.
All in all, this latest project from Turn Village Residents’ Association is proving to be a huge hit by all.