We have an active education outreach team whose work is in high demand, working with schools, youth groups, (uniformed and others) using play and interactive games.

We consider this to be a vital part of our work because hopefully it will help reduce not only the general litter problem but even more importantly, highlight the devastating impact plastic waste will have on future generations.

To cope with increased demand we are always looking for volunteers to help with this essential work so if you’re a retired teacher or have other experience of working with young children, please email info@civic-pride.org.uk

The session can be extended to include hands on work but this must be done under the direction of the organisation’s teachers/leaders and covered by your own insurance.

We also happy to undertake talks to local societies, clubs, faith groups and other organisations.  We don’t charge but donations are always welcome.

“Thank you so much for helping the girls to achieve their Gardening badges.” Leader of a Brownie Group.