Your own, your very own, Weekly Wittering

Good Evening Oh-So-Lovely Volunteers

To take your mind away from Brexit Barminess, to soothe your soul, just read on ……
• one of our Rogers (we’ve got several ; this is an attempt to retain partial anonymity) went to Turkey on a classic holiday recently ; ended up taking photos of …. noble historic ruins? Nope, ‘fraid not. The piks featured – Turkish litter bins. Really. Clear demonstration, once again, that sanity and volunteering for Civic Pride do not make good bedfellows …..
• Aunty Lynn has contacted YOU (should the Kitchener pointy finger be included here?) on the subject of the Civic Pride Christmas Nosh, 21st December. Have you responded promptly? (“Oh there’s loads of time I’ll do it tomorrow ….”). No, lovely reader, now please. Thank you.
• we’ll never see Grimmers get his hands dirty again. Because? He’s in – ooooh! – Lancashire Life this month and wearing a posh jacket (note to self – pop into the dentists – usually a copy in the waiting room!) Actually, it’s a fine article. Well done, sirrah!
• thank you lovely Sharon, duty manager at McD’s, for willingly supplying the Thursday crew with tea, coffee and huge chokky biks last week. The crew were slaving away (that’s how it is with Pam in charge …) on the bypass. Good session!
• brilliantly creative Facebook postings on the subject of Trickett’s Memorial Ground, by CP’s media giant aka Jackie T. – it’s worth logging into F’b just to see and read it!
Tues 23rd Oct 7.30pm Bacup Pride AGM at the Natural History Museum, bottom of Todmorden Rd, Bacup. Hope it’s a good ‘un, BP.
Weds 24th 10am BP weekly session, meet at their store behind the market
Thurs 25th Civic Pride Rossendale’s Thursday Crew 10am on the Town Square. It’s the assembling point for the 11/11/18 Remembrance Parade so we want to get it looking its best. ALSO please meet at the store 9.20am if you give Pam a hand getting the gear together and loading the van . Thank you!
Fri 26th Could it be Buffer Stops 8pm onwards? For the 2nd consecutive week it’ll be a civilised session. Why? Go, find out ….
Sat 27th Weir Pride monthly meet 10am at the Doals Centre.
Sun 28th 02.00 hours – the clocks go back – what will you do with your 25 hour day?? (Farmers/Artisan Mkt on Town Square, mayhap? Get out the litterpicker, even better …..)
Mon 29th 9.30am Tricketts Memorial Ground – further work on revitalising a once-neglected, now utterly-delightful piece of Waterfoot history. It has particular relevance with the centenary of the end of WW1 being so very near. TMG will feature in one of the commemoration events so please help here this and next Monday if you can.
Tues 30th 6.30pm Civic Pride Ketso event at Rawtenstall Cricket Club. Please remember to contact Jackie if you’ve not yet done that! (

You read all of this? Without falling asleep? A unique feat ……