Yo’ Witterings this week’s about THE FINAL STRAIGHT!!

C’mon Folks – your CPR* needs you this week like no other week!

(*CPR = Civic Pride Rossendale – don’t let on to anyone y’didn’t know that!)

The final week before RHS Judgement Day ……mass gardening, sprucing up, sweeping, weeding – well, obviously!
Tues 23rd 9.30-12.30 Inbound Layby 1.30-4.30 Inbound Layby
Weds 24th 9.30-12.30 Embankment 6.30-8pm Metal Tree Bed (especially the surrounding paved area, full of weeds)
Thurs 25th 10am – midday Thursday Crew meet at the Riverside Walk (opposite the railway station). Hope to get enough of the gang out to clear the R’side Walk & The Gyro. This is the last Thurs Crew before RHS Day (ok I said that already …)
Fri 26th 9.30-12.30 Gyro 1.30-4.30 Gyro
Fri 26th 8pm onwards Hop, Bank St. We’ll have deserved a glass of summat after this week! Oh, and it’s someone’s birthday – so drinks are FREE before 8.30!!
Sat 27th No gardening sessions organised but litter-picking crews are asked to get out and Serve The Cause! (polish the pavements, mayhap??)
Sun 28th 7am onwards Watering Teams Stand Ready!
Sun 28th 9.30-12.30 Inbound Layby
Sun 28th meet 1pm on outbound layby (on the bypass, alongside the railway station) BIG WHOLE-BYPASS LITTERPICK PLEASE! The mowers go in tomorrow.
Inbound layby gardening as well. Just in case you’ve any energy left …
Mon 29th – this really is the last chance for a final spruce, sweep and tidy-up. 9.30-12.30 Inbound Layby 1.30-4.00 Gyro 6.30-8pm Embankment
Tues 30th Assessment Day, commences 8am. Timetable already gone out to gardeners.
Weds 31st Collapse in sunshine if fine, in bed if not ….. beer ‘n’ ice cream day! (or cake ‘n’ Prosecco or …. well, wotever!).
And now – 2 more favours please ….. can you volunteer?
Sun 4th Aug 10am Fire Station Open Day. We’ve been asked to provide an information stall. Can you man it? Please let me know – email chris@civic-pride.org.uk Thanx!
Sat 31st Aug 7pm Celebration of Anthony & Patricia’s 50th Year in business, fun and entertainment at St Mary’s Chambers for 3 local charities, of which CPR is one. We must support this. More details next week.

That’s it, lovely people!
Just how much grovellin’ do we have to do to getcha out there this week, of ALL weeks??