Yet Another Supplementary Witter

Good Morning Troops

Herewith, a somewhat predictable message. Friday’s and Saturday’s Grand Litterpicks are postponed – that is, rescheduled to another time/date which as yet haven’t been organised.

Sunday’s session is on hold at the moment – the weather forecast, which says it’ll be below freezing ’til at least Saturday night, may be wrong, so if (if) we get an earlier thaw than currently predicted, we’ll be out there.

Litterpicker in one hand, snow shovel in the other, litterbag clenched between the teeth – that’s our Civic Pride.

Another Witter Supplementary re Sunday’s session will be slither into your inbox on Saturday morning. Betcha can’t wait, eh?

Chris A few minutes ago, the record on Radio 2 was “Mr Blue Sky”. Altogether now …….