Worra Wittering! (there’s LOADS going on – doooo come out and lend a hand!)

Dearest Troops

Thank you to Grimmers for eloquently taking over the Witterings last week, keeping ’em firmly wedged in the basement of literary efficacy. Crikey, even Max Bygraves got a mention.

Annual General Meeting – this was last Tuesday, and ’twas a rollickin’ good “Do.” Will relate the details and happenings in next week’s Witterings cos there’s just so much other detail to cram in this week.

TUES 27TH – Weir Pride, Doal Centre 9.30am continuing with their remarkable textile-based decor. Go see!
WEDS 28TH – It’s the end of February Fill-dyke! Spring bulbs comin’ on through! NB Bacup Pride’s Weds routine has been switched to Friday. Read on.
WEDS 28TH 4pm – 7pm Longholme Meths Church : a further consultation on R’stall Town Centre building proposals. Civic Pride has now quit this debate but that won’t prevent you adding your comments as individuals.
THURS 1ST MARCH 10am meet on bypass, inbound-to-R’stall side of the carriageway. It’ll be a fairly large litterpick unless a Lone Ranger or three tackle it beforehand. That’ll be in addition to tlc in the layby gardens.

FRIDAY 2ND MARCH – The Rossendale action of The Great British Spring Clean commences!!
• Bacup Pride 1pm to 3pm, meeting at the back of the market cabin on Market St, OL139NH (how sophisticated are they? even their store’s gotta post-code..) to clear up Market St area.
• Civic Pride meet 10am at the Boar’s Head Newchurch (nooo comments about mid-morning snifters, perleeze!). Civic Pride’s newly-elected Litter Officer, Ben Parkin, will be in charge. So jump to it, you lot! (there might be luncheon snifters afterwards …..)
• Buffer Stops, as per, 8pm onwards. A right ol’ jolly last week! This week? Could be even worse! New recruits are urged to join in this dee-lite-ful friendly get-together.
• Bacup Troops meet 10 am at the lock-up ; clearing back of Mario’s (ooh, could be a joke there…) and Bacup Centre
• Civic Pride meet outside McDonald’s, joint effort with Hassy crew and staff from McD’s. Picking Haslingden Rd and adjacent roads. I think Roger’s i/c this one so there’ll be free food ‘n’ drink at McD’s afterwards for workers!
• 10am onwards, Bacup’s Shock Litter Troops are clearing Rochdale Rd, South St and as much of the Coconutters’ Easter route as poss – the amount depends on numbers of volunteers so c’mon Bacup, get the neighbours out there!
• Civic Pride and CP Haslingden meet 10am at the St Crispin’s Way/Flip Rd/Bentwood Rd cross-roads to do as much of the Carrs Industrial estate as possible – our combined efforts were fantastic in 2016 and 2017 but please don’t rest on previous years’ laurels : you are needed! Some firms on Carrs make a real effort to keep their premises clear thro’out the year. Others couldn’t give a monkeys. Give me details of the latter please! Names will be shamed – no, sorry, cajoled. Gently cajoled.
MONDAY 5TH MARCH – the small but amazing gang regenerating Trickett’s Memorial Ground (TMG) on Burnley Rd East, Waterfoot, have a weekly work-crew there every Monday 9.30am start. Small numerically, that is, but that’ll change as more Waterfootians join ’em, we very much hope. It’s been a very long time since TMG was something to be proud of but these guys are on a pride-restoration mission. Go support! Please bring your own gardening tools for the first few weeks.

FINAL BUT VITAL BIT!! We’re getting dire warnings of grim weather coming our way. We’ll post last-minute cancellations in these columns if things look really bad and we have to abort one or more sessions. Current predictions, though, are that we’ll miss the worst of it. Ring the Civic Pride phone 07955 110199 for last-minute stuff, or me on 07877211314. Bacup Crew please keep me posted if you wish.