Working with Civic Pride

Rossendale is fortunate indeed to have Civic Pride volunteers working tirelessly to make it a better place to live, work, raise a family or start a business but we couldn’t achieve so much without the support of local people, businesses and other charities.

Early in April, all profits from the stunning performance of ‘Breaking the Code’, performed by Rossendale Players at the Millennium Theatre, Waterfoot were donated to Civic Pride (Rossendale) to assist us in our endeavours.

For those lucky enough to have purchased tickets it was a wonderful night, indeed it was hard to believe that the entire cast were amateurs, such was the quality of the performance.  The combined proceeds from ticket and raffle sales was an amazing £650!  Thank you!

The hard work of maintaining the gardens starts again as the seasons change but a recent donation of over 2000 plant pots, each containing an average of 5 bulbs – tulips, narcissus, daffodils, crocuses, snowdrops and several others – will result in a few aching backs no doubt!  Thanks go to Heaton Park Garden Centre for their generous gift and to the many willing volunteers who will be busy planting them across the valley over the next few weeks!

Regular volunteers live across the valley but an unsolicited email offering a day’s work by around 20 staff from Daisy Communications in Nelson was a real bonus.  It appears that one of their senior managers lives in Helmshore and is so impressed by the achievements of Civic Pride he wants to donate a day’s hard graft to support them!

This is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at its best but carries advantages for the Daisy Group as well.  Team building is a vital factor for staff morale in any organisation and many thousands of days and millions of pounds are spent on outdoor pursuits in the mountains and lakes of North Wales, Scotland and Cumbria.  The end result may indeed achieve the ultimate goal of improved performance but this has the added bonus of helping the community.

It isn’t the first time Daisy Group have taken it upon themselves to put something back, last year they were working with the Ribble Rivers Trust, up to their chests in cold water dragging out shopping trollies, prams and even a motorbike!  All equipment was supplied by the Trust and the day is remembered with pride and satisfaction by those who took part.

Needless to say, this year’s tasks may not be as exciting but Civic Pride are working hard to make sure that their efforts make a real difference and are asking local businesses to provide some lunch and stand them a pint afterwards!

With several new projects about to start or already underway including repainting the metalwork on the Riverside Walk (opposite the ELR station), clearing and planting the North end of the gyratory in Rawtenstall centre and erecting a greenhouse behind Rawtenstall market to grow plants for their many barrier baskets there’s no shortage of ideas!

That of course is in addition to the routine work of weeding, planting, pruning, dead-heading and picking up litter to maintain our existing projects.  Work has also begun to cut back the undergrowth behind the fence next to the delightful garden on the first outbound layby on the spur road in order to show it at its best.

Where would we be without these dedicated volunteers, the sponsors who keep the cash flowing, the businesses who provide support in so many ways and the back up from the public bodies, including the council?  Rossendale would be a far poorer place than it is.

If you’d like to make a difference please email to discuss volunteering, arrange a meeting with the Outreach Team or if you prefer to make a donation go to and search for Civic Pride Rossendale.