Wonderful (??) Weekly Witterin’s

Good Morning Campers

It’s been a crazy week. But – hey, how d’you like the Civic Pride Christmas Tree on Rawtenstall Town Square?? Apart from that we’ve got just one or three messages for you …..
1. To volunteers who took part in the Ketso event, please stand by your beds …. further opinions will be sought from you THIS WEEK
2. Our excellent Litter Officer Ben Parkin won’t be available for re-election at the next AGM. Replacement needed …. if you fancy the Litter Officer post, really want to continue CP making a serious difference, please get someone to propose you and another to second you at the AGM. Discuss details with me or Roger G if you so desire.
3. More details on next year’s management structure for CP will be sent to you next month for discussion at the AGM. Now then, izzit in your diary?? The AGM, that is. And if it ain’t, just why not? The top item in Rossendale’s social calendar, the CP AGM, is Tuesday 12th Feb 2019, 6.30pm start at Rawtenstall Cricket Club.
4. Please remember that CP is an apolitical organisation. Our info details never offer support to any one political group. Why? Because we want to, have to, work with all of ’em to make CP as all-inclusive as we possibly can.
5. Did you read last week’s piece about palm oil? Have you followed it up? Just google palm oil deforestation. Do nothing, say nothing, and …….
6. Huge huge thank you to those wonderful folk at Waterfoot Co-op for the final donation to us for the year. Last Saturday (24th), a cheque for over £3000. Thanks due to our TMG team (Liz, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Ian, the main guys) for making it happen.
YOUR CIVIC PRIDE WEEK …. get them sleeves rolled up …. because …..
Weds 28th 10am Bacup Pride meet at the lockup
Thurs 29th 10am Civic Pride’s Thursday Crew meet at Haslingden Rd Garden (same place as last week!). Bring thi’ mug – oh, and come along for Aunty Lynn’s social coffee at 11am even if you’re not working with us at the time (SOME people do, n’est-ce pas,Grimmers??!)
Fri 30th 10am H&HCP* meet at Haslingden Market (* = Haslingden and Helmshore Civic Pride, innit??)
Fri 30th 8pm onwards Buffer Stops, mellowing in social chit-chat and a glass of your favourite in front of a nice log fire!
Sat 1st Dec Bacup Pride meet 9am for a tidy-up before the Bacup Christmas market kicks off (complete wi’ Brittannia Coconutters!!)
Sun 2nd Dec it’s what’s not happening! – the usual CP First-Sunday-Of-The-Month will happen NEXT Sunday, 9th (ummm – just don’t ask!) ; and Bacup Pride did their Sunday thing yesterday (oh DO keep up!!)
Mon 3rd Dec 9.30 Trickett’s Memorial Ground Waterfoot – the excellent TMG crew would love your help!
Mon 3rd 10am H&HCP details as per Friday 30th

All sent to you by your ever-loving correspondent

Chris PS there’s a price to pay : all them theer who say they don’t know about this ‘n’ that cos they’ve not read the carefully crafted (?) Witterings, will have to pay the price, to wit, a glass of seasonal ale to yours truly. Izzat fair??