Your Wonderful Weekly Wittering : The last, the final, the never again.

Hi Elves, Santas an’ all of our happy band

Is this week’s a doom-laden title? Did you read it? Well y’see it is the last one of 2017. I know there’s TWO weeks to go but one suspects the audience might be a bit sparse next Monday. So this week’s WITTER is a bogof (I know you’ll work that out …. well, some will ..)

Weds 20th 10am by the Bacup Pride lockup …. join local citizenry for another Bacup facelift.
Weds 20th late afternoon Weir Pride are off to The Sycamore Tree for festive nosh. Check out their F’b page for details … late bookings still being taken.
Thurs 21st The revolution is at hand brothers ‘n’ sisters!! There is no Civic Pride Rossendale session this week. None. The first we’ve missed in 8 years but – last Thurs our noble band of regulars were frozed to their extremities (saved only by Aunty Lynn’s coffee flasks) so we thought we’d do Pressy Shopping this week instead.
Thurs 21st midday. Join a certain gent doing pilates in the company of young virile ladies. Cross my palm with ale an’ I’ll name names …….This is true …..and if that certain gent doesn’t cross my palm with ale, the who and the where will be shockingly revealed. I was a News Of The World Reporter.
Friday 22nd 8pm a final pre-Chrimbo Buffers. Further comments would be superfluous, d’you think??
Monday 25th It is actually true that some of our utterly wonderful Lone Rangers start Christmas Day with a litterpick, eliminating the town of Chrimbo Eve celebrants’ litter. Do get out there. Start the day feeling virtuous …… even if the halo does slip a bit later on!
Thurs 28th THE BIG ONE!! Ordinarily we do a New Year’s Day Grand Litter-Pick. This year, just to vary things a bit, it’s a Grand End-Of-Year Litter Pick – meet 9.30am at the Civic Pride store (behind R’stall market). Good ol’ Ben’s organising it so expect the thing to work immaculately. Bring the kids as well (kid-sized kit is available …. noisy ones fit beautifully into the littersacks ….).

(1) Next to the C. Pride shop – the latest in the line of R’stall’s excellent new bars. That’s the fourth this year, all lovely. This one’s called Casked and it opens this week. We’re reliably told.
(2) Whitaker – we love you! They gave us a truly marvellous Civic Pride Bash last Thurs, and have just publicly congratulated us. Details at the end, but they provided a lovely ambience & lovely food all with a dee-lie-ful bunch of Pride People!
(3) oooh Annie! She’s one of our Thurs regulars and appeared on stage, as in, one of the cast, for a week’s run at The Palace, Oxford St M/cr. Really. Typical of the amazin’ talent within our ranks!

That’s it. 2017 done. Marvellous year for your Civic Pride – Roger’s recent newsletter gave a flavour of it but – didn’t we do well?? As the guys from The Whitaker proclaimed a couple of days ago …..

Wow – what a brilliant year for Civic Pride. Please pass on our congratulations and thanks from ALL at The Whitaker. It’s richly deserved.

Can’t say more than that, really. To all our volunteers, supporters and sponsors – thank you. It’s been a privilege to be a part of it all.

Happy Christmas!