Your Witterings at the start of Flaming June (well, it is at the moment!)

Good evening Fellow Volunteer Nuts
Thanks ………. ​

To the Daisy Group for working so hard for us last Weds (30th). Your guys have been a wonderful help
To the waterers keeping our planters and baskets moist ‘n’ growing throughout this dry (ish) spell! It’s a lot of work right now.
To our SG’s and LR’s (whaaat??) for ploughing steadily onwards keeping gardens gardened and streets clear (can anyone do the bypass again please??)
This week …..
Thurs 7th June meet 10am Town Square – we aim to complete CP tlc labourings started last Sunday. Watering big planters will be a part of it
Fri 8th 8pm onwards : Buffering
Mon 11th 9.30am onwards join the Tricketts Memorial Ground (TMG) crew plus Co-op Waterfoot staff (bless ’em!) at TMG

Last but not least …..
Any gardeners out there who are splitting plants which have grown too big for your garden, let us know please : we could probably use them.

I’ve been away for a few days, just got back, so ain’t caught up yet – hence, the briefest Weekly Witterings on record. You lucky people!!