A Wittering of triumph. What, another??

Hi Lovely Volunteers

Worra day! 15 crazy volunteers from Weir, Bacup, Haslingden and Civic Pride Rossendale at the RHS Awards in Southport last Weds. Awards for Weir Bacup and Hassy, which we’re all delighted about, it being their first year in the It’s Your Neighbourhood scheme. I’ll let them tell their own stories!
Yer owd CP Rossendale got four (yup, 4) top level “Outstanding” awards and one next-to-top “Thriving” award. Massive thanks and congratulations to our Secret Gardeners who’ve been grafting away on their respective gardens to make R’stall look fab. No other voluntary organisation in the NW matched this fantastic standard. Really! Good, eh??

Back to the ol’ routine now :
WEDS 8th 10am Bacup Pride’s weekly group meet at their lockup behind Bacup Market for more Bacup beautification
WEDS 8th 10am – if you’ve nowt better to do, tune in to BBC Radio Lancs – the above-mentioned Weir Bacup Hassy and us will be packed into the Radio Lancs studio to chat about the awards and all things related to the amazin’ work we all do…… sounds like a recipe for Broadcasting Chaos methinks. Listen in and see…
THURS 9TH Civic Pride Rossendale meet 9.30 at the store or 10am on the bypass inbound layby (near McDonald’s) to give it the last of its Autumnal Tidying
FRIDAY 10th 8pm onwards Buffer Stops (I’m engaged elsewhere so the proceedings should be rather more civilised this week)

That’s it! Other than to say we had a full page article in Saturday’s Lancs Telegraph about the awards, which was lovely. And thank you to all the wonder-volunteers who planted bulbs on Sunday in the Town Square and then cleared R. Irwell and Limey Water near B & M of tons of rubbish, including FIVE B & M shopping trollies and THREE Tesco trollies. Why??? Tesco very grateful, B & M slightly less so …

Definitely last thing : if you see notices for an event called Rawtenstall Winter Wonderland (17th Dec) please leave ’em in situe : it’s a charitable event, not a bit of commercial fly-posting. HOWEVER, do let me know if you reckon any of them are badly-sited. I’ve a contact number for the organisers so can do something about it. Thanks!

Cheers, y’all! – an’ keep on pickin’ !