Wittering not mentioning the fact of it being 3 weeks to go to the season of Bah Humbug

Good evening Civic Priders Everywhere

First – great session last Sunday morn : grand crew started the revamp on the bed near Do-Dah’s – thanks to all the guys who supported and to Lynn for the coffee. Go check it out luvly people! Could YOU have helped for a while??
That, followed up later on Sunday by the **th birthday celebs of Mrs Neville (hiya Jean!), she, a C.P. stalwart. She’s bein’ very mysterious about actual age ….. (25 with a few years’ experience, we hear…)
Second – thank you Lone Rangers who post their litterpickin’ activities on the QT site. It really is valuable as we know who’s done what, which stops other guys visiting the same areas unnecessarily. Thanx! (can’t access QT site? Let us know via info@civic-pride.org.uk)

To business folks! (promise to keep it uber-brief)

WEDS 6TH DEC meet 10am at the lockup, back of Bacup market – am reliably informed the next stage of the Dale St project’s in hand.
THURS 7TH DEC meet 9.30am at the store (behind R’stall market) or 10am in the in the area between the Railway station and the bypass. Confused? Gi’e us a ring if you’re lost (07877211314) The weather forecast ain’t the best but we’ll be there. Btw, we’ll be joined by an academic researcher. Intrigued? Come find out!
FRIDAY 8TH DEC 8pm onwards at Buffer Stops for beer and badinage (R’stall was just buzzing last Friday nite ….
Other than that, it’s all down to individuals going out solo which is HUGELY appreciated. And crucial.

To finish with touches of immodesty we have genuine quotes from this week’s communications which are Witterings-related :
Immodesty (1) “Fabled Gems of Wisdom”
Immodesty (2) “Enjoyed reading The Witterings”
Immodesty (3) “Please keep sending me the Witterings even tho’ I’m in Wales ….”
So someone loves this ol’ garbage even if you delete it …… that “fabled gems” bit was from an intelligent rational lady, not from me mum


Chris PS thanx to Charlotte, putting in hours of work chasing grants : unsung-but-vital work. Luv ya!

PPS Sorry – as in, really sorry – to bang on about this again.

We hear that next Sunday we’ve got Blue Planet 2, BBC TV, David Attenborough illustrating how we humans are destroying our oceans with pollution. Litter. Plastic. Garbage.

Please watch it. Then go out there and, at least, help to clear up our own back yard. Where you live. Please pass on the message.

When we’ve poisoned the last river, polluted the last ocean, made desert of the last field, we’ll find that we can’t eat money.

What price will our kids, our grandkids, pay for what we’re doing?