Wittering on about who loves us baby

Your scribe Witters that this’d better work ………

Evenin’ All (typed in my best Dixon of Dock Green* voice)

It’d better work? Weird title?? Ok agreed – but the medium for broadcasting this Witter nonsense, to wit, MailChimp, changes its modus operandus (ie its layout) every week. So once again I’m battling tekky incomprehension. Will it be worth it ???

Weds 10th Oct Bacup crew meet at their cabin 10am – to do what? Go there, find out, help out! Brew ‘n’ biscuits involved!
Weds 17th Oct meet 10am Waterfoot Co-op – their lovely staff are helping us with a Grand Litter Pick. Show your love of W’foot by giving ’em a hand for a while – ’tis amazing just how much a larger group can do in an hour.
Thurs 18th Oct 10am start – Civic Pride Rossendale’s excellent and vibrant Thursday crew are gathering together on the inbound layby of the bypass. That’s the one near McD’s – (McD’s, who might just be providing the coffee this week!) We’ve got a serious amount to do, including collecting and emptying ALL the barrier baskets – have we any big strong folks out there to assist with this particular labour?
Fri 19th Oct 8pm onwards Buffer Stops – the absence of your current correspondent therefrom may assure you of a civilised evening …
Mon 22nd 9.30am TMG – our small but perfectly formed Trickett’s Crew are on the last lap of getting the place into optimum condition for the “Battle’s Over” events of 11.11.2018 but – as ever – would lurv to have some extra assistance – preferably your wonderful assistance (Blom’s Casual Flattery will propel you to Trickett’s – n’est-ce pas??)

1. One of Jackie T’s brill Civic Pride F’book postings last week featured The HOG (Civic Pride acronym for the garden at the bottom of Hassy Old Rd). The posting’s got multiple hundreds of likes and so-appreciative comments thus far – might just possibly’ve made Sue C-R blush. Nice work, Sue, richly deserved!
2. Bacup Pride AGM Tues 23rd Oct 7pm at the Nats (= Natural History Museum, bottom of Todmorden Rd)
3. Casked – bless ’em – another wad of money given to us ; go in there for one and thank ’em if you possibly can!
Have you got this far without falling asleep? Really? More of this antidote to sleeplessness next week …..

Chris PS re * above : don’t, just don’t, tell me you’ve never heard of him.