Witterin’ on about being halfway through (almost…)

G’day Volunteers Everywhere (have you been out there diggin’ & litterpickin’ recently???)

First – the title : what’s almost halfway through?? January. Most people’s least favourite month. The month where most folk want to hibernate.

Second – if you’re not hibernating, you’ll be smiling. Because?? Today had 32 minutes more daylight than the winter solstice. Spring’s on its way! Days getting longer!

Third – thank you to the small select crazy gang who joined the mass litterpick yesterday (Sunday 13th). The whole of the bypass, both sides and central res, totally cleared. 18 bags of it – just over 100kgs of litter. Result! Were you there??

Fourth – another thank you! This time to Jan Shutt & David Gould for giving most of the Town Team’s remaining funds to Civic Pride (Town Team no longer functioning, we understand).

Fifth – this week – two more eager folk added to your own, your very own Weekly Witterings readership. Brave souls. Question – will they be asleep before getting to the end of this lot??

Three dates for you ….
Thurs 17th January – the Thursday Crew meet 10am on The Gyro. Are you an uncertain new guy? The Gyro = the big traffic island with Rawtenstall’s Fire Station on it and you’ll be HUGELY welcome to join this friendly bunch! Gardening, litterpicking, coffee-glugging, chatting, cake-chonking … all good stuff!
Fri 18th January – 8pm onwards, social gathering at Buffer Stops. The beer is amazingly cut-price at the moment, cheap beer melding delightfully with elevated chitchat. We’re generally in Buffers Family Room, accessed via the platform. PS it’s Ian’s last Friday for a while so he’s buying the beer. Really (??).
Tues 12th February – 6.30pm Civic Pride Rossendale AGM @ R’stall Cricket Club. High-powered decision-making and – oooh – free buffet!

Bacup? Hassy & Helmshore? Any news for next week’s Witter? We’d just lurv to hear from you. You know where we are, ducks.

More ol’ tosh next week!