Your Witterer needs YOU (pointy finger) 👈 👈   (please ….)

Salutations, Slightly Sunburnt Souls

Well, I am anyway. Slightly sunburnt. And you aren’t? Obviously got more sense …. OK, on with the positives and the thank yous ….

Thank You (1) : to Stacey McCann and Woodcock’s Solicitors Rawtenstall – Stacey turned up in the rain to see the Thurs crew last week and to give £500 to Civic Pride Rossendale (aka CPR). She did decline the offer, though, of CPR wellies ‘n’ big gloves ‘n’ a spade – left the doing of the wet & muddy stuff to us! Thank you Woodcock’s.
Thank You (2) : to Rawtenstall Cricket Club bar staff, generously copying Mike & Amanda at Casked, giving all their tips to CPR. We went along last Friday to say thank you. Very very kind generous folk. We had a glass of ale whilst there – it’d’ve been rude not to, don’tcha think? The things we endure for The Cause ……..
Thank You (3) : to Rawtenstall’s almost newest supermarket, Jack’s, (aka Tesco, in the former Tesco building). They’ve put us forward into their first-ever vote, winner gets ££££ – so will you – PLEASE – go along, vote by pushing the blue button – no purchase necessary – on the voting machine adjacent to the checkouts.
Thank You (4) : to last week’s Thursday Crew. The rain started 5 mins before they started. Precipitation ceased 5 mins after they’d finished. Did it stop ’em? Put ’em off? Nah! Determined Dedication to The Cause, that’s what!

This week’s happenings :

Weds 15th May : 6.30pm Oyez oyez, the famous Wednesday Evening sessions are here again for the summer. Meet on the bypass layby which is near McDonald’s : weeding, Balsam Bashing, Knotweed Knocking, CompostBin Composing – oh, and a litterpick! (and probable drinky-poos afterwards). Don’t worry if you can’t get there at 6.30 – we won’t ask for a late-note from your mum – we’d just love to see your smiley face, soon as. Ok??
Thurs 16th May : 10am The renowned Thursday Crew are back on the Haslingden Rd Garden, to finish off a crackin’ lot of stuff done last week.
Thurs 16th May : 7.30pm Casked Quiz Night. £1 per person to enter, any size of team up to max of 5 ; and once again, Mike & Amanda are giving the evening’s profits to CPR. Please support this event – bring yo’ friends!
Sometime 6.30am onwards : we’re certain to need the Watering Team. Please stand ready for the call. Keith will get us organised.
Friday 8pm onwards : Buffer Stops gathering ; come on down and join in the chat.
Monday 20th 9.30am : Trickett’s Memorial Ground Crew, as ever. Burnley Rd East, Waterfoot.

Future Happenings :

28th May bypass mowing – we’ll have a litterpicking mass session just before RBC’s mowers go in.
6th June midday onwards – Burnley Pendale and Rossendale Council for Voluntary Service (BPRCVS) : their first ever conference, with free lunch! Jackie T is going as a trustee but we need one more CPR rep to attend the event. Details from or from Jackie, who can be reached via the general CPR email address,
And lastly – in contrast to the usual Please Do, this is a Please Don’t! It’s about unofficial advertising banners. No we don’t like ’em. But we have to leave ’em in place and let RBC deal with them. If you spot one please send the details for us to pass on.

See you out there.


Chris PS in the few minutes you’ve been reading this, an area the size of 6 football pitches of previously untouched rain-forest have been destroyed in Indonesia. Details, including what you can do about it, by googling Greenpeace Palm Oil. More info next week.