The Witter Of A Thousand Plantings (really …)

A  Plea To Pride’s Perspicacious Planting People

Yes really.  Approx 1,000 plants have just arrived. We must, as they say, gerrimin**, and right quickly too. (** this translates as “get them planted into the good earth.” As you’ll have realised.). See dates highlighted with **!! below for details.

The week in view :-
**!! Weds 19th June 6.30pm Major planting task commences. Venue : The Embankment (opposite Asda). Please help.
Weds 19th Hassy & Helmshore Civic Pride crew please check to investigate the probability, timing and venue of a LITTERPICK!
**!! Thurs 20th 10am It’s the Thursday Crew 10am on The Gyro (big roundabout with the train on it!). Mass hoeing of weeds, scattering of pongy-wongy 6X fertiliser and planting hundreds of bedding plants.
Thurs evening our marvellous Finance and Litter Officers are attending the Round Table’s last hurrah. R Table are closing down but distributing the balance of their finances to worthy local causes. That’s us! Thank you thank you RT for all you’ve done.
Fri 21st June a choice  of activities ……:

  •  Hassy & Helmshore gardeners, gather ye at Hassy Market Stall 10am for a spot of – well, um – H&HCP gardening!
  • Buffers 8pm onwards. Again, the evening will benefit from my absence.
  • Celebrate the summer solstice by climbing Cowpe Lowe, divest yourself of clothing and dance around the trig point which is Rossie’s nearest approximation to a replica of Stonehenge ….

Weekend : please feel free to carry on planting. Contact me ( or 07877 211314 or 07955 110199) for info of how to get plants but please do that before Friday as I’m in a Wet Welsh Field Fri Sat Sun (some guys have all the luck …). Thank you!
Sat 22nd 10am Friends of Stubbylee Park meet in the Rose Garden there every Saturday, weather permitting – and this weekend, weather will permit. Obviously.
Sun 23rd Hassy & Helmshore – as per Weds 19th.
Mon 24th 9.30 TMG Waterfoot. Details as given every Monday these past 3 years!!
Mon 24th 10am Were you planning on joining the latest Balsam Bash today? If so, please turn up but the new plan is to Carry On Planting (film title there somewhere??). Meet on inbound layby of the bypass (near McDonald’s).
Mon 24th Hassy & Helmshore guys – details as per Fri 21st. Go-go-go H&HCP!
Mon 24th evening. The Triumvirate reconvene. Be afraid. (What IS he on about??)

Other vital info :- 

  1. Explorer Scouts we love y’all! Crazy kids helped us out last Tuesday in pouring rain, covered in mud ‘n’ muck. Thanks guys. See you again soon!
  2.  “There’s not much litter on my rounds these days” – quote from one of our Lone Ranger litterpickers last weekend. Good news, d’we think??
  3. Thank you to Jan Shutt and her crew – doing several weeks work tidying Daisy Hill car park. It’s getting back to how it used to be!
  4. Last Thursday’s Rawtenstall Community Partnership was told that building work will commence this September on Spinning Point 2 ; and that no final decision has been made as to what’s being built. Rapid decisions are on the way, then.
  5. More thanks – this time to Keith & Simon for their initiative in getting the summer hanging baskets out.
  6.  Bypass layby gardens – we now have compost bins for good ol’ green recycling!

A concluding apology to Witterings fans (both of ’em). Sorry we’re late this week. 10.30pm last night, internet connection decided my place was a bad place to be. So it disappeared. Back on this morning. Don’t we just love technology ….??
DEFINITE LAST BIT : you’ll gather the next few weeks are CPR’s absolute max busy time. PLEASE help out whenever you can. It just doesn’t happen without willing volunteers. Thanx!