A Winter’s-Goin’ Witter – yes it is, honest!

Weekly_Witterings-page-001Good Evening Lovely Volunteers
It seems like last week when the winter solstice was being noted in these noble (???) columns ; and wow, Spring’s Vernal equinox is almost here. A quarter of the year gone …… so Let’s Get Moving!!
WEDS 15TH MARCH MEET 11AM AT (what was) ROSSIE UTD FOOTBALL GROUND STAGHILLS RD. Deborah’s going out on a litter-pick and would LURV your help.
THURS 16TH MEET 9.40AM AT CIVIC PRIDE STORE (for new guys, it’s located behind Rawtenstall market – can’t miss it if you’re there on time) OR 10.00AM IN THE LAYBY, OUTBOUND-FROM-RAWTENSTALL SIDE OF BYPASS. Only 4 of us last week so we didn’t get finished. Branches to trim, hedge to plant, weeeeeds by the unquantifiable number to uproot (why do plants die back in Winter but weeds carry right on growing??), litter to pick, Himalayan Balsam to kill, brambles to bash – is this not the most glorious exercise for your body, whilst inhaling good ol’ Pennine fresh air, the whole provided free of charge by yer good ol’ C.Pride? How utterly irresistible is this prospect! (and coffee n stuff to lubricate your bits n pieces).
FRIDAY 17TH 8PM ONWARDS BUFFER STOPS. Detail, again, for the benefit of new guys, is that we have a small select cluster of like-minded chatty souls enjoying a glass in front of the good ol’-fashioned coal-fire-in-a-grate type-warming device. Aaah!! (Buffer Stops is the bar at R’stall station – which you knew, o’ course)
MONDAY 20TH FIRST DAY OF SERPPPRINNNG!! (is that decipherable?) AND – AND – 7.30 PM START EDENFIELD COMMUNITY CENTRE IT’S THE TALK OF THE YEAR …. one of our less sane volunteers, Owd Robert, is giving a talk on The Munros. A Munro is a big, very big, Scottish hill. There’re some 300-and-then-some of ’em, and for a few utter lunatics it’s a life’s work to “bag” them (ie climb them). All of them. Robert’s done the lot. Once? Twice? Thrice? Four times? Keep going!! and he’s giving a talk on his experiences. And he’s buying the beer afterwards. C’mon gang you can’t miss this!
EARLY NOTICE of SUN 3RD APRIL 10.00AM EMBANKMENT OPPOSITE ASDA please gettit in thi’ diary! big lads needed as well …..

• We’re not doing Britain in Bloom this year. Having looked at it pretty carefully, we’ve gotta say we just do not have the gardening volunteer resources. We’re ok-ish for litterpickers, and for volunteers for big one-off events ; but for the week-by-week commitment to make the B-i-Bloom possible, no, sorry, it’s not there. Unless we get a big influx of go-for-it volunteers in the next two weeks, just no can do. Please give us your ideas if you want to help to turn this round. But at the moment we need more volunteers – have you friends, neighbours, like-minded souls you know who’d be interested in lending a hand??
• HOWEVER we’re getting a few Secret Gardeners (see previous Witters for explanation of SG’s) who may be entering Their Own Particular Bit Of Rawtenstall for It’s Your Neighbourhood, a national comp run by the Royal Horticultural Society. Smaller-scale than B-i-B but it’d give us something specific to aim at this year – that is, an aim on top of, as well as, making Everywhere look b*** marvellous across the valley which we do week in, week out, eh?!
• Quote of the week : “….. if you just bring me 15 volunteers tomorrow we can get this done…..??” – she was being serious – BUT if you’ve got a task in mind, something needing doing, then think of a day, a time and a meeting place, let me know and I’ll put it in the Weekly Witterings which go out every Monday. You could then get a few CP supporters with you. Gardeners, Litter jobs, whatever. If you let us know, we could get something together. If you don’t let us know, then it don’t, won’t, get done. JDI, right? If nothing else, email me chris@civic-pride.org.uk but you can get to us via our F’b, Twitter (as opposed to this ‘ere T’Witter, ok?), website, mobi 0795511 0199, whichever.
Huge affections to you all – just c’mon gettout there cos it’s Springtime!