Will It, Won’t It Witterings

Welcome, Weather Watchers

Well? Will it? Won’t It? Rain, that is. Monday 5pm, some lovely black clouds showed promise but – not a drop! Add that to ten previous rain-free weeks. Result : soil moisture levels very low (that’s official) and plants parched. You’ll pardon us if this week’s ramblings go on a bit about WATERIN’ PLANTS!
Mon 9th July – you’ve probably missed it : we’re out watering, 4pm ’til it goes dark!
Tues 10th – Pam is organising watering teams throughout today, either using the van or carting containers or wielding watering cans. However you can do it will do! If you can help at all, please ring her on 07811 735926 or pam@civic-pride.org.uk
Weds 11th – another watering session, especially for those who want to avoid a certain football match. Start 6pm, keep going ’til you’re fed up or ’til you’re sure you’ve missed the footy. It’ll all be over for sure by 9.30pm. Ring me, I’ll confirm where needs doing (give Pam a break from it – I’m on 07877211314). NB I will be watching the footy so phone’ll be switched off after 7pm!
Thurs 12th – our lovely Thursday Crew are on the bypass inbound layby (near McD’s) meet 10am. Never mind the drought, the weeds are thriving. We need to give Mother Nature a hand, d’you think? That includes getting at a handful of Himalayan Balsam which are sneakily trying a comeback.
Fri 13th – we’ll brave the ominous date and have another Buffers meet, 8pm onwards. Not forgetting a call-in at Casked to say thank you.
Sat 14th – who’s for a litterpick? Hv U been out recently? No? Please do your Lone Ranger thing!
Sun 15th – if we’ve not been blessed with mighty amounts of rain, we’re organising a team. No no, not footy (World Cup Final today – oooh!) – a Watering Team. NB we’ve no van 16th and 17th so today’s the last chance to distribute water for a while.
Mon 16th – the TMG crew are out, 9.30am onwards. Trickett’s Memorial Ground. It’s on the Burnley Rd East/Turnpike/Booth Rd crossroads.

Just one thing : who’s pulled up me sunflowers? Eight of ’em, either end of the famous Gyro Train. C’mon then, who thought they were weeds?? More will be planted. Please leave ’em to – well – flower!

Big hugs to you all