What Weather Witterin’ !!

Hiya Suntanned Troops

We won’t say Rossendale’s Easter Weather’s been better than Spain or – well – almost everywhere. We’re remembering those who’ve paid a fortune for an Easter foreign jaunt. And fought the airport throngs and plane delays. We won’t mention it at all. Wouldn’t be fair, eh? Anyhow, to CPR business : –
• (1)We’ve just got to say thank you to Owd Grimmers for his Deputy-Witterings these past 3 weeks. Well down to standard. Might just forgive the customary string of insults ….
• (2)THANK YOU to Keith & Si for starting off the Watering Team season on Good Friday. By coincidence, Bacup Pride started their watering season on the same day. Their watering truck’s a bit bigger than ours though. Serious bit – if it doesn’t rain this week (unlikely) we’ll put out a shout for Watering Team Support. Please help if at all possible, should we need it. Ta!
• (3)Greenhouse News – it’s ordered and slightly paid-for ; the contractor-fellah’s shovelling the final ton of concrete in tomorrow (Tues) to make the base for it. Serious bit (2) – one of the main reasons for getting this greenhouse is include folk into C. Pride who aren’t able to do outdoor all-weather gardening any more. If that’s you or you know someone it’d suit please tell Anne, our wonderful Gardens Officer – anne@civic-pride.org.uk Thank you!
• (4)We’re out! The shop, that is. Casked are aiming to move in as an extension of their excellent micro-pub premises. You knew that already? Sorry! Serious bit (3) – we have 2 beautiful tables and lots of office chairs to dispose of. Nobody wants ’em. We’ve tried Ebay and all that. Have you or someone you know gotta use for ’em? Free of charge! Email Roger at roger@civic-pride.org.uk And, genuinely, thank you Roger for organising so much of our graceful exit from the premises.
• (5)Willow-weaving – yes really. If this is a thought for you, your own garden, your Civic Pride garden, please contact one of our Sue Brigade. Email suec-r@hotmail.com Huge potential there for fun and something outre*, methinks. (*outre = outside the usual. A word taken from French, innit?)
• (6)THURSDAY CREW! 10am. You’re on the Town Square again. Masses of dead-heading ‘n’ trimming there and elsewhere in the immediate area ; and finalising our removal from the Civic Pride shop. We go rain or shine, as per. Is this a new concept for you? You’d be hugely welcome as a new guy/gal. Really – really!
• (7)FRIDAY CREW! That’s Buffers, n’est-ce pas, mention of which now appears for the first time for a while….. 8pm onwards. Excellent gathering last Friday, ’twas lovely to see folk. See you there?
Big hugs to y’all – well, to thoise who gerrout there and do a bit!


PS Secret Gardeners – if you want a bit of help with the Civic Pride garden you’ve taken on please let us know. Could be extra volunteer help or finance. Please email Anne (address in item (3) above).