Weekly Witterings sez – It’s The Final Countdown!

Dear Toiling Volunteers

The “Final Countdown” heading – rather apposite? Because? It’s the 50th Anniversary of the 1st moon landing (3-2-1-lift-off type of countdown – gettit??) and the countdown to RHS Judgement Day. 30th July. C’mon, just be impressed by the inept link …. Ok then don’t ….

The Week In View – oh boy, do we need YOU!

Aunty Annie’s got the whip out, really getting us going. Please give her a hand (no luv, not with the whip …) Help us to achieve!

Weds 17th 9.30-12.00 Inbound layby (near McD’s)
Weds 17th 6.30-8pm Weds Evening Working Gang, Inbound Layby.
Thurs 18th 10am The Thursday Crew, Inbound Layby
Fri 19th 9.30-12.00 AND 1.30-4.30 on The Gyro (that’s where the Civic Pride railway train is – hope u’v got that one by now! XX)
Fri 19th 8pm onwards – a rather fine and convivial gathering at Hop last week so let’s do it again! See you upstairs in their Bank St premises.
Sat 20th Nowt organised – go out and litterpick or – well – anything you fancy!
Sun 21st Morning Watering Teams – please! We simply ain’t getting enough support on this. Some of our plants are dying – eg the big planters on the Bank St front of the Town Square. Go see! Contact Keith on keith3655@btinternet.com and give us an hour. It’s an easy job but takes ages, too much for just a few people.
Sun 21st 1.30-4.30pm Embankment opposite Asda.
Mon 22nd 9.30am The new Crawshawbooth crew in action – Jubilee Gardens.
” ” ” The Trickett’s gang are back in town. Burnley Rd East.
” ” ” One more time – the Balsam Bashing Boys (‘n’ Gals) meet 10am, Rawtenstall cemetery gates Burnley Rd. (get “And finally!”, below)

Dates for the owd diary – well, preferably this year’s diary in fact :
Sun 28th July 11am Weir Pride Summer Fair, Weir Park.
Sun 28th July time to be arranged mass litterpick on the bypass – the mowers go in tomorrow, 29th.
Tues 30th RHS JUDGEMENT DAY! Probably an 8.30am start. We’ll pass exact times onto individual gardeners as soon as we get confirmation from the RHS.
Sun 4th Aug Fire Station Open Day – Civic Pride Rossendale’s been invited to have an information booth there. If you can help with this for part or all of the day please get in touch (info@civic-pride.org.uk)

And finally! Just 2 things, so go on – can you actually get to the end of a Witterings … without falling asleep??
(1)Roger G has put together an excellent article on the Himalayan Balsam curse. It’s on the CPR website, www.civic-pride.org.uk DO pop over to the website and read it!
(2)You’ve heard this sort of stuff before – here’s another! One of the very latest unsolicited comments : “Absolutely stunning and what transformations” – part of an email thanking everyone for fab gardens and clear streets. That’s yo’ Civic Pride Rossendale!