Weekly Witterings just soooo make me 😏

Witters Arrive Again ……… (now where’s that delete button gone, then?)

Dear Wittering Fan

Will the Wittering program behave this week? Or will it disappear in a puff of tekky weirdness like it did last week? We know what you’re hoping for …….

Unfortunately you’ve got two weeks-worth of stuff to wade through first ….some of it of direct interest for you ….???
1. St Mary’s Way : if you’ve not done it recently, go there, stop, admire. Embankment and central res look utterly wunderbar thanks to some graftin’ hard work by Secret Gardeners and Watering Teams. Thanx to Jackie for posting on Facebook where it’s attracted huge numbers of compliments from locals. Could one or two of you take some piks of the embankment and send ’em to jackie@civic-pride.org.uk and to Mr Publicity himself – roger@civic-pride.org.uk
2. There wasn’t a specific “first Sunday of the Month” event last Sunday cos every Sunday for many weeks has been large-scale plant-watering. As it’s holiday season we’re short of teams on this so if you can help please email Pam on pam@civic-pride.org.uk Ta!
3. Free drinks (1) – if you’ve been out wi’ your Civic Pride hi-viz doing a litterpick or gardening, there’re 3 places which’ll offer free drinks : Fitzpatrick’s, Buffer Stop (soft drinks!) and The Hut. Thanks to these lovely supportive businesses!
4. Free drinks (2) – you should’ve been at our regular Friday nite at Buffers on 28th July – free drinks – yup, anything you wanted – cos it was their 5th birthday and they lurv Civic Pride folk! You missed it? Some of us didn’t ….
5. THANK YOU B & E Boys for their work opening up the abandoned toilet block in Trickett’s Memorial Ground (TMG). Our TMG crew now have a secure place to store all their gear ….. no, we’ve not actually got the loos working yet but we’ll work towards that!
This week (as brief as poss ….)
WEDS 8TH AUG Bacup Pride 10am meet at their lockup. They’re having a fantastic year ; but could sooo do with some extra volunteers!
THURS 9TH AUG meet 10am on The Gyro (opposite the library) – weeding strimming sweeping and possibly moving over to Hassy Rd Gardens after, if we finish Gyro quickly
FRIDAY 10TH – the usual!!
MON 13TH meet 9.30am at TMG to brighten up Waterfoot

That’s the lot f’r this week, folks (well, it ain’t, actually, but you’re probably asleep now if you’ve read all that lot)


PS happy ***th birthday, Mr Smith – not telling you what *** stands for!