Your Weekly Witterings : Back-To-The-Usual-Rubbish standard

Hi Witter Sufferers

Thanks to Roger, CP’s substitute Witterer, for last week’s erudition. Normal drivel resumes herewith, but first a note or three :
1. Last word on C. Pride Rossendale’s 21st Oct Celebrating Community event : thanks to Tesco’s donation of two £25 gift vouchers for our entirely unique competitions (would anyone else have a rubbish-estimation comp??) Gill won both prizes. Huh. Send your begging letters to her. To everyone involved, my thanks to y’all for making it such a Grand Do. (btw, the competition answers briefly went missing, were found in a box with the pork pies. Surreal, eh??). Thanks again, Tesco!
2. Sacks of daffodil bulbs from RBC (thanx guys!) We got 4 sacks of 500, all now claimed (Whitewell Bottom, Waterfoot and some random geezer) BUT let me know if you’d like some for your enterprise – we’ll try to nick some more!
3. Apologies to CP Hassy cos their planning was omitted from last week’s Witter. They had an amazing so-much-done week. This week? Check their F’b page. They’re heading for 1,000+ bags of litter cleared in 2017 and are sure to add to it!
WEDS 1st NOV ALL DAY – Pride crews from all over Rossendale going to the RHS Awards Bash in Southport. How’ll we do? Fingers crossed for us pleeze!
WEDS 1ST BACUP PRIDE meet 10am at lockup behind Bacup market. Serious Bacup-based tlc going on.
THURS 2ND MEET 9.30AM at Civic Pride store (behind R’stall market – where else??) then to bypass inbound layby by 10am. Very Long To Do List for us this morning so please abandon whatever you’d planned and help. New guys hugely welcome to join a brill Thurs Morning Crew. “Brill” defined as one amazingly effective and friendly gang (fuelled by Aunty Lynn’s brews & biks)
FRIDAY 3RD WEIR PRIDE 10am Weir Park to litterpick Remembrance Day route and memorial. Little uns welcome and treats provided : edible-type treats, possibly, but ya never know in Weir!
FRIDAY 3RD 8PM ONWARDS – we’re back to Buffer Stops. I’ve not been for weeks and really lookin’ forward to seeing folk including the Hassy, W’well, Weir, Bacup, W’foot, E’field & Helmshore teams. Everyone welcome : it’s not just the CP Rossendale crew, ok??
SAT 4TH BACUP crew doing their 1st-Saturday-of-the-month session on the Wall of History Garden, bottom of Yorkshire St.
SUNDAY 5TH Civic Pride 1st-Sunday-of-the-month session meet 9.30am at the store or 10am Town Square. Planting 500 bulbs. Yup, five hundred. If the river stays low [ie it doesn’t chuck it down this week!] a river-clearance as well. River crew are you available please? Volunteers bring waders and/or wellies. Safety gear provided. An additional litterpick will be running IF we get the right volunteers (izzat you??).

With sympathy : to Janina, one of our highly dedicated volunteers, following the death of husband Don. Funeral Burnley Crematorium midday 7th Nov. Your CP friends thinking of you.