Weekly Witterings – 48 down 4 to go

Hi to Y’All
Where’s 2017 gone? Just 4 more Witters after this ‘un. Thank the Lord for that. Will the 2018 versions be any better? Unlikely. Sorry.

Anyhow, congrats to the last week’s Thurs morning crew who braved the sleet and carried on regardless. Have you seen those big planter boxes (the ones by the X43 bus stops on Bank St – and near Fitzpatricks?) Quelle transformation – well done guys!


Weds 29th Nov Bacup Pride 10am meet at the store – not sure what’s happening but likely, there’ll be a brew involved.
Thurs 30th Nov (St Andrew’s Day, the noo – so wee drams in the half-time coffee, mayhap?) meet 9.30am at the CP Store behind R’stall market or 10am Riverside Walk – tidying up, some trimming, creative stuff with the adjacent planters and primula bed (if it’s still there!) and – lots of chatter. It’s what we do. Some more than others ……
Fri 1st December – so the “C” word can now be used …..that, and other deep philosophies will be debated at Buffer Stops 8pm onwards. Oh what a treat you missed last week – the wonderful ol’-fashioned coal fire was roaring up t’chimley – remember those??
Saturday 2nd Dec Weir Pride meet 10am at the Doals Centre : removing the remnants of the summer planting (that’s the stuff which won you an RHS Award, Weir – remember that??) then a litterpick.
Sunday 3rd December – it’s the first-Sunday-of-the-month effort – the last of 2017! Some of our Secret Gardeners need a bit of support so we’re back at the Do-Dah’s/Reeds-Rains beds tidying up but – particularly – digging out some of the overgrown shrubs : heavy work so big fellahs very much needed to join the rest of us please! Meet 10am. Thanx! Hassy crew – I’m sure you’re out as well!

(1) Have you got any good recent piks/photos of Civic Pride activities/scenes? Please send ’em to Jackie (our Social Media Guru). Email to jackie@civic-pride.org.uk Thank you (I wonder where they’ll be used??). Or take your camera/phone out with you next time you’re out?
(2) All over social media yesterday was a bloke called Eddie Kirkwood. He’s got bad cerebral palsy problems but he and his wheelchair go out litterpicking every day, rain or shine. An amazingly positive can-do fellah.
(3) On the subject of (2) above – we’ve given out lots of litterpicking gear over the past year and we know some of it’s hardly ever being used. Is that you?? C’mon, join our communal effort please – just the odd half-hour??
(4) Early notice – please put it in thi diary : Civic Pride Rossendale AGM Tues 20th Feb 6.30pm at R’stall Cricket Club. It’s so important that volunteers contribute to decisions which’ll take us through the next 12 months. Oh – and have you got your name down for the CP Christmas Nosh? Details in previous Witters.

That’s the lot for this week – come an’ get involved, lovely reader!

Chris PS this lot written to the accompaniment of Jimi Hendrix on Radio 2 : he would’ve been 75 today … just telling you that cos CP isn’t only about litter ‘n’ plants!