Your Weekly Wittering Descends On Thi’ Inbox (time for a nap, then?)

Hi Publicity Baskers

The Mighty Media Machines have been lavishing attention on yer Civic Pride ……
• Lancs Telegraph 12 days ago (did you get a copy?)
• BBC Radio Lancs 6 days ago (did u hear us??)
• Free Press this week – go buy a copy! It’s mostly to do with our SG’s (= Secret Gardeners … sorry yes you know that!). Pages and pages in the press plus a hilarious half hour on t’radio.
• All that, followed by Jackie our Social Media Whizz, popping a pik on F’book, with a few words of explanation, showing Our Van stuffed full of bags of litter we’d cleared. It got literally hundreds of “likes” and appreciative comments from the good people of R’stall.
Ok that’s quite enough of that – get the boots and hi-viz on, you lot, because …….
This Week’s Happenings ……..
TUESDAY 14TH Weird stuff goin’ on in Weir. Doals Centre 10am to find out …..
WEDS 15TH 10am Bacup Pride starting on Dale St. Go help ’em, even if it’s just for a half hour, Bacupians.
THURS 16TH 9.30am at the C.P. Store (behind R’stall Market) or 10am on T’ Town Square.
FRIDAY 17TH 20.00 hrs onwards it’s Buffer Stops again. We may move on elsewhere after a while – ring me if we ain’t there (07877211314)

1. Several pairs of shears (good uns with black handles) and big loppers are missing from the store. Plus weeders, trowels, hoes, a “Civic Pride At Work” sign …… They’ll have been borrowed with the best of intention but PLEASE can we have ’em back : they’re expensive and much-needed kit. Thank you!
2. Civic Pride Christmas Nosh 14th December – a goodly crew booked in thus far : please don’t read this without Just DOIN’ It! Contact our Lovely Lynn. Now. (see Lynn’s email to you sent 8th Nov for details)
3. Jake, we forgive you.
4. VITAL BIT! You’ll have noticed all the many extra barrier baskets we’ve installed on St Mary’s Way and Bury Rd (Duncan & Keith did the donkey work, to be fair). Just in case you wonder why we need lotsa ££££, the filling of them all twice annually now costs us over £4,000. You read that correctly. Sharp intake of breath, eh?
5. Also in this week’s Free Press – details of a litterpick on 1.4 miles of part of the National Cycle network in Ashton. 368 bags of litter. That’s one bag filled for every 6 yards. And we thought we had it bad!! Ve are vinning ze Litter Var!! Get out there and be part of it, for your town’s sake!