Weekly witherings 08/03/2016

Hi Folkies

A bit of this might sound a tad triumphalistic – but – OUR GUYS, FROM ALL OVER R’STALL W’FOOT, E’FIELD & HASSY, DURING A 24 PERIOD THIS WEEKEND, SHIFTED JUST OVER 200 (YUP, TWO HUNDRED) BAGS OF DISGUSTING LITTER FROM OUR STREETS. That’s well over one tonne of it, probably nearer two. Plus lots of Other People’s Detritus which was too big to fit into a bag. Nice one? No. Just amazing. A truly truly remarkable community effort. THANK YOU to all the 40-odd volunteers who were out there in the name of Civic Pride. Were you? Why not???? Make amends if you weren’t, read on then DO – – – –

THURS 10TH MARCH MEET AT CP STORE 9.40AM OR OLD FOLD GARDEN 10.00AM (the one with the clock tower – yup, you’ve got it!). A start being made for CP’s Britain in Bloom entries. I’ll be having – um – discussions with Rawtenstall Asda Manager in the name of furthering our/your cause at the same time, but will be out afterwards.

FRI 11TH MAR BUFFERS MEET 7.30 ONWARDS – for the 2nd consecutive week I ain’t there, so turn up to have some common sense floating around. Easy!

SUNDAY 13TH MAR 10AM meet at the Green Squirrel pub M/cr Rd Haslingden …. lovely joint litter-picking effort. LoveHaslingden folk – are you with us? Please stick it on your website and F’b. And see you there (sounds like a challenge!)

OTHER STUFF – thanks to everyone who came to vote for CP in the Tesco voting scheme. Result now awaited. Tell you what, though – of the other two schemes in the vote, let’s see which is still being tended and cared for 3 years down the line. Good point?

Lighter nights are on the way luverly people – be ready for re-start of the Weds evening sessions!

Ok I know I’ve missed out things which should’ve been put in but – after this weekend I’m too tired to think! Let me know what’s missing!
Chris PS oh – next time it’ll be names/contact details of Officers elected at last month’s AGM ; and of CP folks who volunteered to lead monthly sessions in 2016 (we’ve still got October not claimed …. hint-hint!)